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Submitted by • January 3, 2019

Norton is one of the trendiest antiviruses everywhere throughout the world. Furthermore, it is notable for ensuring the gadget and furthermore giving a one-stop security answer for every one of the clients worldwide with just one click. Sign in to ...

How Can You Block Friends On Facebook?

How Can You Block Friends On Facebook?

Submitted by • August 8, 2018 - Facebook, a major social media network to which almost the entire world is connected with, sometimes comes with its own set of problems.

How To Set Up ICloud Photo Sharing

Submitted by • August 2, 2018

Apple’s iCloud service offers a unique facility where you can share your photo with friends. The feature is iCloud Photo Sharing which is a free service from Apple offered for the PC and other Apple product.

How To Be Secure From Brute Force Attacks?

Submitted by • July 25, 2018

Brute force attacks are trial and error techniques employed to find login credentials to gain unauthorized access. The brute force attack technique abuses the most basic method of getting entrance to an account.

State Of The SOC Report Released

Submitted by • July 7, 2018

According to a piece of news, Exabeam has announced about its 2018 State of the SOC Report, that is declared, most of the companies have not the right selection of the employees and technology to control their Security Operations Centers ...

How To Use Zotero As A Research Organizer?

Submitted by • July 7, 2018

If you looking for a research organizer tool, then no need to think about it anymore. In this post, we will discuss an amazing tool that is called Zotero. It is able to complete your this requirement. Zotero is an ...

Microsoft To Help Walmart Go Cashier-less

Submitted by • July 6, 2018

In the previous month, Reuters reveals that recently Microsoft has been working on the technology to permanently removing the check-out lines and also clerks from all the grocery stores

Symantec Develops A Tool To Combat VPNFilter

Submitted by • July 5, 2018

Malware has accelerated with the release of a free check-up tool; it’s a clean-up efforts to respond to the VPNFilter. Though utility from the Symantec will only appear to see that the traffic has been influenced, rather than confirming an infection ...

Virus Total Monitor Launched To Mitigate The False Positives

Virus Total Monitor Launched To Mitigate The False Positives

Submitted by • July 4, 2018 - Antivirus security software is always considered to be capable when it produces the minimum false positives. In fact, it is one of the most important features that an antivirus program must have possessed. The false positives are nothing, but it ...

Norton Launches A New Satellite App To Scan Social Media Links And Cloud Content

Norton Launches A New Satellite App To Scan Social Media Links And Cloud Content

Submitted by • June 7, 2018 - Norton has launched a new app for the user’s comfort. It will help you to scan all your Facebook, and Twitter feeds as well as your files or folders on Dropbox and SkyDrive for virus or malicious infected links, it ...