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International Marketing

International Marketing

Submitted by • February 7, 2019

Darley, Luethge, & Blankson, 2013). Culture as well as International Marketing: Journal Of Global Marketing, p.26(4).
The main theme of the article by Darley and Bankson is about the manner in which culture is influencing the operation and effectiveness of international marketing. The purpose of the message in the article is to assess the operations of international marketing and examine how the cultural aspects of the players are causing either the success or failure of the marketing. Through the delineation of the impacts that culture possesses about international marketing, it is possible for the major players in the industry to examine how they can tune the cultural elements to favor their businesses.

Darley, W. K., Luethge, D. J., & Blankson, C. (2013). Culture and International Marketing: A Sub-Saharan African Context.Journal Of Global Marketing, 26(4), 188-202. doi:10.1080/08911762.2013.814819
Day, K. H. (2006). Differentiating Culture and the Environments in Inter

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