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“When The Law Does Not Deliver Justice….”

“When The Law Does Not Deliver Justice….”

Submitted by • March 16, 2020

"TRAI and TDSAT were specifically created to deliver ‘justice’ in the complex techno-economic issues of telecom since high courts do not have the expertise or bandwidth to do this and one goes to the apex court for the legal last word. Even the SC does not have the skills, expertise or time to go into the intrinsic merit on a holistic basis. This was eminently settled in the famous WLLM Appeal to the Bench of CJI Pattanaik, Justice S B Sinha and Justice Sema. They explained this beautifully when they delivered judgement in that famous case and, very significantly, relegated the matter to the TDSAT.

As one who had the honour to be somewhat involved in the creation of both TRAI in Jan 1997 and the TDSAT in Jan 2000, I can sincerely vouch for the rationale behind the setting-up of these two bodies."

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