A beginner’s guide to buying, tasting, pairing & enjoying wine

With the relief of putting the pandemic outrage behind us, the vaccine & all-in motion, we are relaxed enough to make some party plans. Though corona has not gone from our lives completely, at least the worst seems to be over. A good party equals a good amount of alcohol (almost every time ??). Thus, to order alcohol online is a fast-catching trend what with the lockdown & social distancing requirements.
Wine – “The drink of Gods” (Luckily available at liquor store delivery these days??)
Wine has managed to take the top spot, period when it comes to a choice at enjoying a classic drink. Basically, classified into two categories, viz; Red & White wine, the subcategorization is vast & dates as old as 6000 BC with its origins in Georgia & Iran. Each wine offers its distinct taste & personality, all now available readily at wine delivery online.
While it dates back to older times, there is evidence of wines being used in ceremonies as well as for medicinal & cosmetic purposes. Legends say, Cleopatra promised Marc Anthony that she would drink the value of the province' in one cup of wine, and then she drank a cup of wine with an expensive pearl in it (WOW!! & imagine we can have it all through liquor delivery at home)
Buying Wine
Wine is a seemingly simple beverage that is appreciated by one & all. Though it becomes more complex the more you study it, it doesn’t matter how much you know, you can still enjoy it. Being clear of what you are looking for, not stressing over labels & age while finding the niche where your taste fits in, can be some tips to stick to for a beginner’s wine hunting process (or just order alcohol online). Thanks to the liquor delivery apps now handy to us, they help in understanding & choosing the best bottles per our liking.

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