Active Recall – The advantages of learning this early: Coding robots for kids

Recalling a memory is a very useful phenomenon that can refresh details within the mind. However, active recall is a process that involves consistently stimulating the mind with information that has already been learned in order to ensure that most of the acquired information passes from short-term memory to long-term memory with little loss of information. Basically, ask the child to continuously think about the information they have learned without any recall aids.
This is a skill that has a wide range of applications and doesn’t just come in handy when a child is learning. It comes in handy in many professions in the future and helps the child develop a working knowledge of what they are learning about.

How does it work?

Active recall is a process that involves consistently cycling through a fresh memory in order to ensure it is not forgotten as easily. This allows children to freely recall what they have learned at a time when they are in need of it.

How does one differentiate this from the normal recall process?

The normal recall process is more reactive than anything else. Recall works when similar information is in front of you and that causes you to recall events that are embedded in your long-term memory. While the accuracy will vary from person to person, different people will recall different details about the same event. It doesn’t mean that some people are dishonest, it just means that there are certain parts some people forgot that other people remembered, and vice-versa.

The Benefits of Active Recalling:
Being able to freely add information to one’s long-term memory is an excellent skill that will be a benefit for most exams. Not only does active recall help the child answer questions, but also allows them to complete the test quickly and effectively.

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