Adorable Animals Featured in Movies that You Should Know

Animals are lovable creatures that have co-existed with us for a long time now. Most of them have been greatly influenced in everyone’s lives, especially during childhood. Although humans and animals possess a bunch of different qualities, they still have traits and abilities that bind them together. Our connection with them grows stronger with time. You can see many households with pets, farms with domesticated animals, zoos featuring large and small species, and organizations trying to save the wildlife from endangerment and extinction.

Because of their adorable qualities — both internal and external, many tend to get inspiration from them. There are many books that excellently showcase these enchanting creatures, like Nicki Geigert’s book on wildlife’s natural habitats, as well as many films that animals starred. Some of the best movies that have animal characters are Zootopia (2016), Madagascar (2005), The Lion King (1994), Bambi (2006), Shark Tale (2004), and Ice Age (2006).

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