Android Smartphone May Use as Car keys Near Future

The Android phone in hand will become the key to the car; Google’s preparations begin: As the Android operating system has evolved over time, so has the country of mobile phones! However, it is heard that from now on, besides clocks, torches, TVs, music players, cameras, etc., Android smartphones will also be used as an alternative to car keys. Yes, that’s right! According to a recent report, Android OS maker Google is now trying to unite software and hardware companies. As a result of this combination of two types of technology, Android phones are expected to become car keys in the coming days. According to Google, the ‘Titan M’ chip, launched with the company’s Pixel 3 smartphone, allows certain applications to hold ‘temper resistant key storage’ on Android devices. In that case, it is the chip-based system that will improve the digital key in Android-based smartphones in the coming days,

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