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Articulate A View Of Research Of Research

Articulate A View Of Research Of Research

Submitted by • April 24, 2019

Different people carry out research for various reasons, but all of them have an underlying structure that they follow. The study gives the likely contents of any research as well as a discussion on the issues of validity and reliability of a research. A research should have the details of the problem identified, goals, the procedure, the hypothesis, assumptions, and data collection and analysis. A research should also address the problem stated by having a logical conclusion. Critical thinking enables the researcher to make logical conclusions depending on the data analysis.
Overview of the research process
According to Book Leedy and Ormrod (2010), research is a process that involves the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data with an aim of having an insight into an issue. Systematic approach to data collection is in use often by people when gathering information about small issues of life.

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