Australia Apostille in India | Helpline Group

Australian citizens need their certificates attested by the Australian Notary Public for overseas purposes. It is mandatory for official documents to be legalized or authenticated prior to sending them for overseas purposes, such as education, job, or any other formal or government-related activities in another country. It is also common for foreign organizations requiring legalized documents from Australia for official and formal purposes. As Middle East Countries are not part of The Hague Convention, and Apostille Services are only allowed between countries that are members of the convention, it is mandatory to legalize documents to use them in Middle East countries. Although the practices followed by getting certificates attested from Australia is more or less the same in most Middle East countries, there may be changes in the processes and attestation steps involved. Please contact our representatives in your region, or send a message below to learn more about the process. Attested documents/certificates, or Apostille are accepted everywhere depending on the validity of the respective documents. Please consult with Helpline Group for more information. Being a recognised agency by Embassies of all Middle East countries, we can provide reliable, professional, and timely certificate attestation services.we provide assistance for Australian certificate attestation in UAE.