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Fabrics as woven sheets of cotton, silk, polyester, linen, synthetic or combined, or of specialized materials, and are vital products and raw materials for a number of important industries. These... Read More

Percale-woven cotton are those fabrics that have a thread count of at least 200. These supple, firm yet soft and highly durable fabrics are perfect material to make crib sheets... Read More

Duvet sets and quilt covers, be it for homes or for the hospitality industry, serve three essential purposes: design, comfort and convenience. Finely made duvet covers, with light, fluffy and... Read More

Choosing the right uniforms to represent your organization is not an easy task. However, this isn’t a worry for our customers thanks to our large network of distributors and years... Read More

Adamjee has an established name in healthcare and beyond for providing top quality draw sheets to its clients. Thanks to the soft, cool and super absorbent fabric, users are provided... Read More

100% Premium Quality Pillow Shells

Created from premium quality and super soft textile, our pillow shell display a slick and clean finish, and fit most standard pillow sizes. With the right stuffing, the pillows will... Read More

Mattress Protectors –

Our mattress protectors are especially sought after for their premium quality, with its easy and smooth cloth surface, and marvelous absorbency. The comfort level is unmatched – our stretchy fabrics... Read More