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Data as a service (DaaS)|eQ Technologic

Unlock the potential of your data with Data as a Service (DaaS), a data management strategy that offers flexible and scalable solutions for data integration, processing, and analytics. For more... Read More

Data Lake Management | eQ Technologic

eQ helps you to develop and maintain data lake for multiple business use cases. Discover how to put all of your data to work using our data lake solution. For... Read More

Hybrid deployments | eQ Technologic

Build your business on the best of cloud and on premises together with our Hybrid Cloud solutions. Our platform provides best of both worlds. For more information visit or... Read More

IoT / Big Data solutions | eQ Technologic

Our Analytics suite leverages IoT / Big Data for maximum business advantage. It provides ML based predictive analysis with sensory data and data mashups with core systems. Using... Read More

Augmented Data Analytics (ADA)| eQ Technologic

eQube®-ADA provides advanced analytics capabilities by incorporating Machine Learning (ML) and Advanced Statistics for automated data discovery and semantics. For more information visit or drop a mail to Read More

Real-time KPIs & Dashboards |eQ Technologic

Our A/BI platform, eQube®-BI, Democratizes BI. End users are able to mash up data from multi-systems for governed analytics with stunning data visualizations. For more information visit or... Read More

Smart Master Data Management (MDM) |eQ Technologic

Future proof your MDM architecture using our Smart Master Data Management solution to accommodate changing business conditions for all systems. For more information visit or drop a mail to... Read More

Business Process Orchestration |eQ Technologic

eQube®-DaaS enables business process orchestration by automating complex processes across multiple systems and facilitating data transfer among them. For more information visit or drop a mail to Read More