Author: Jamesbond

Suicide Prevention Training Program for Washington Healthcare Professionals (6 Hours): Suicide Assessment, Treatment, and Management is organized by Wild Iris Medical Education, Inc. and will be held from Jul 18,... Read More

38th Annual Series Emergency Medicine & Acute Care Course 2023 is organized by The Center for Medical Education, Inc. held from Jun 14 - 17, in San Diego, California, USA. Learning... Read More

The Course is Designed for Healthcare Workers Who Are Looking Into the “ Point of Care Ultrasound” to Improve the Management of Acute and Chronic Lung Disease. Dr. Federico Conforto... Read More

The 14th Annual Emirates Cardiac Society Conference 2023 is organized by Lumina Organizers and ECS and will be held from Nov 24 - 26, in Dubai, UAE.This conference is designed... Read More

The meeting will explore innovative solutions such as end-to-end continuous bioprocessing, Single Use Technology, and the Application of AI/ML in bioprocessing. The meeting will explore innovative solutions such as end-to-end... Read More