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Stepping Stones High School is an English medium school in Aurangabad. They offer education from Class I to 12th STD. It is one of the best schools in Aurangabad. Being the best CBSE school, they provide higher education quality for students from primary to secondary level and also for higher secondary level.
Stepping Stones High School represents a fresh perspective of our time and a glimmer of the future. The school has excellent infrastructure and facilities along with dedicated, hard-working, experienced, and skilled teachers that's why it is the top school in Marathwada. There is ample opportunity for all students to achieve academic excellence at this school through regular studies and extracurricular activities, and each child is encouraged to reach his/her full potential.
Mission & Vision
 To provide a value-based quality education so that our pupils grow aesthetically rich and intellectually aware of their dynamic world. To strengthen the basic foundation and allow the latent talent to fully develop.
Our aim is to help each child realize their inner strength, give them a conducive environment to grow and evolve as good social beings and global citizens. To provide an academic environment that treats each child as a unique individual allowing them to develop their maximum potential.
Fun Lab :
Learning should be fun. Students learn in this environment by doing activities, which enhance their cognitive skills and sharpen their brains.
Art Room: This is the room where youngsters display their talent to others. The combination of color and design stimulates the intellect of the kids. It is important to hold regular art exhibitions to cherish and develop the talent of the students.
Robotic Lab :
The robotics lab provides students with an excellent outlet since robotics is a growing area of technology. Taking part in open-robotics competitions.
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Stepping Stones High

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