Botdoc Security File Transfer App

Secure File Transport, powered by BotDoc, is a safe file transfer application that automates the business workflow by safely sending & receiving documents with sensitive information inside Salesforce. Cloud Maven, Inc., the proud winner of the 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award and a certified Salesforce ISV Partner, has developed this solution. Through Salesforce implementation, we collaborate to locate, integrate, and customize the perfect software solution for your business. Personal data is often being exchanged for carrying out business activities, making a payment or submitting certain files containing sensitive information. This data is often vulnerable and can be easily misused if proper compliance requirements are not met. The end result is disruption in business, loss of capital for rebuilding it and decreasing faith in the existing customer base. GDPR plays an important role in protecting this data while they are being transferred across different locations. This is when the Salesforce native solution comes in handy for preventing all of these problems! It equips the system with GDPR along with other compliance like Privacy Shield, SOC2 and so on. It maintains TLS & AES 256-bit encryption in transit or at rest and ensures data protection from beginning to end. Automation in the process helps remove errors caused due to manual process since no login details like pins or passwords are not required. Through statistical details, every activity is displayed through an amazing dashboard with charts and graphs. It is better than other file transfer solutions and guarantees enhanced user experience. This file sharing tool is available on Salesforce AppExchange with a free 30-day trial period. If you have any questions, contact: and for more information related to our solutions follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.