DHSC adds one pump daily dose conversion to Oestrogel SSPs

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has suggested Estradiol patch as an alternative for patients who use 1 pump of Oestrogel daily.

DHSC has updated Annex A of SSP022 and SSP023 for Oestrogel Pump-Pack 0.06 per cent gel to include a dose conversion to a specific alternative Estradiol patch.
Previously, only dose conversions for patients using 2 to 4 pumps daily were included in Annex A of SSP022 and SSP023.

Separately, the supporting guidance for three SSPs which allow quantity restriction have been updated to reflect the requirement to endorse the reduced quantity
supplied in accordance with these SSPs.

SSP019 – Oestrogel pump-pack 0.06% gel
SSP020 – Ovestin 1mg cream
SSP021 – Premique low dose 0.3mg/1.5mg modified release tablets

“When endorsing an SSP for a reduced quantity, contractors must ensure that the correct SSP number is endorsed along with the product name and the reduced
quantity supplied in accordance with the SSP,” said PSNC.