Yes, Cloudtail India sells genuine /original /real products.
I have been shopping on Amazon for the last 5 years and I have bought 100s of things both small as well as big & expensive from the Cloudtail seller on Amazon.
My experience with Cloudtail has been good so far and they have always sent me genuine and original products.
Cloudtail is more or less like a middleman and a vendor on Amazon, it directly deals with brands and manufacturers and sells to normal consumers via Amazon. That’s why Cloudtail itself can’t be blamed on products that are not up to the mark.
Also, it’s quite easy and fast to return/replace or ask for a refund for products that one might have bought from the Cloudtail seller from Amazon since most of Cloudtail’s listed products are Amazon Fulfilled.
Cloudtail’s delivery times & prices are very good when compared to other sellers, I also prefer to buy from them because of their positive reviews and ratings, speed of delivery, and prices.
In my case, they have always sent me genuine and real products.
I know in case I receive any defective/damaged/undesired product Amazon’s easy return/replace policy will always get the job done.
That’s why I always opt for a product that is Amazon fulfilled and preferably from Cloudtail.
Recently I bought Nike running shoes on Amazon from Cloudtail and they were 100% genuine and original. I verified and tested also asked my friend who has the same exact pair which he had bought from a mall. Remember shoes are most commonly duplicated / counterfeited.
You can be assured of the quality of the products of the Cloudtail seller on Amazon and trust them to sell only original products.
I suggest always checking the review and ratings of each seller on Amazon before making any purchase decisions.

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