Ecological Tourism at Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Parks is one of the most-strategic national parks in the island of Java with a population of 70% of the population of Indonesia. The national park is also located near the international airport. It closed to the capital city of Indonesia. The park is urban green area for them. However, research on the park is still lacking. Furthermore, the UKNP very rarely encountered or found in the literature. Its' role as the oxygen's producer for the communities. This study analyzed the sustainability of tourism in UKNP. Result analysis indicated the tourism ministry staff is expecting to utilize natural resources for ecotourism activity and local communities' cultural values, and social development as the first and second highest values. Instead, educating local communities to minimizing or mitigate negative environmental impacts, get the least ratings. The study found that UKNP implements the concept, but because of a lack of understanding – empowerment of communities in dealing with and solving problems caused by increasing urbanization and community housing development, as well as enhanced tourists’ awareness. The result indicates the need for further in-depth studies to understand and manage the problem.