Finding How To Get A Toyhouse Invite Code. Looking for a perfect place to store your character.

To join a toy house, you can check out several websites or different web places where you can easily find them and buy them but just be sure that you don’t buy these codes for more than several dollars. For premium users, you get 2 of your own codes a week. (Premium accounts range from $4.95(a month) to $24.95 USD (a year). A monthly subscription costs you about 5$ and you can get about 8 codes from it.

Hopefully, this clears the confusion of the How To Get A Toyhouse Invite Code. some people are against the fact of selling or buying toyhouse codes externally but their admins don’t really care about what you do with the codes. You sell them buy them or give them away.

Getting Started With You Profile Page:
This is where you can place your links or different information you want to link yourself. You can just basically add up your personal information too. you can just fill in the information that basically fits your profile and get started with your very own account. You can additionally edit your settings to make sure that it is easy to edit from time to time.

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