Fractional Property Investment

As the real estate industry continues to grow, more and more people are looking for ways to invest their money in property. One of the most popular investment strategies is fractional property investment, where multiple investors come together to purchase a single property. This allows individuals with limited funds to invest in real estate without having to buy an entire property on their own.

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What is Fractional Property Investment
Fractional ownership involves buying a share or percentage of a single property alongside other investors. This means that each investor owns a portion of the asset and shares all associated costs such as maintenance fees and taxes. The concept is similar to owning shares in a company – instead of owning one whole business; you own part of it along with other shareholders. Fractional ownership offers several advantages over traditional forms of real estate investment, including lower upfront costs and reduced risk exposure since multiple parties share ownership responsibilities.

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Types of Fractional Ownership
Tenant-In-Common (TIC)
This is where multiple parties come together and purchase a single property. Each party owns an undivided interest in the asset, which means that they share all associated costs.