Gas utilisation in Africa

With over 500 trillion cubic feet of proven gas reserves in Africa, the continent has enough natural gas resources to achieve self-reliance in the energy sector. Africa’s gas can potentially supply 20% of global needs by 2025. However, beyond its prospects as a huge foreign revenue source, gas utilisation in Africa holds great benefit and must be leveraged in solving energy-related developmental issues across different sectors in the region.


Currently, 75% of people without access to electricity globally live in Africa. Energy poverty remains a sad reality in Africa, however, gas utilisation in Africa can play a key role in solving this problem. The opportunities for natural gas for power generation is promising. Not only can it effectively reduce electricity costs for countries in the region, but the availability of tremendous natural gas resources promises to boost power generation and supply for the region. At Axxela, we have been involved in a number of gas-to-power projects and have worked with the Lagos State Government to cut down power generation expenses while ensuring uninterrupted supply to a number of public-owned infrastructures.


Natural Gas Vehicles have proven to be energy-efficient, cheaper and cleaner for the environment. Gas utilisation in Africa’s transportation sector could help the continent break away from over-dependence on petrol, reduce transportation costs and significantly reduce carbon emissions. Axxela has successfully helped many of our industrial customers in Africa adopt natural gas as primary or alternative fuel to meet the transportation needs of their business.


From chemical production to the manufacturing of plastic and fertilizers, natural gas is used in various ways in the manufacturing industry.
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