Global Automotive Flywheel Market-Industry Analysis and Forecast (2019-2027)

Europe with a large number of automotive component technology leaders based out the region is anticipated to remain the innovation hub in the global automotive flywheel market. With the healthy growth of automotive sales in EU5 countries, the market is also expected to witness significant growth in demand. North America also has a large number of automotive OEMs based out in the region, primarily U.S. Thus making the U.S. a prime market for the automotive flywheel. However, in terms of demand Asia Pacific will lead the overall market as the region accounts for a major share of the global automotive production. India, China, and the ASEAN region are expected to remain the major growth contributor in the market. The market in the Middle East & Africa region will witness significant demand for automotive flywheel from the aftermarket and demand from OEMs is expected to remain relatively low.

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