Global OffRoad (OTR) tires Market

Global Off-Road (OTR) Tires Market is expected to reach XX Billion by 2026 from 5.56 Billion in 2018 at CAGR of XX %

Global Off-Road (OTR) Tires Market

Global Off-Road (OTR) tires Market is segmented by construction & mining equipment, agriculture tractors, industrial equipment, type, process, and geography. Increasing demand in APAC and North America will drive the construction and mining equipment market during the forecast period. Increasing demand from developing countries will lead the agriculture tractors segment to be the largest market during the forecast period.

Global Off-Road (OTR) Tires Market: Industry Analysis and Forecast (2020-2026) – By Tire Type, Rim Size, End Users, Sales Channel and Region

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