Greenhouse farming in India

Greenhouse farming technologies have been there for a long time but using them as a primary way to grow agriculture products was not tapped into until recently, especially in India. Although about 95% of food crops or cash crops are still grown in open fields, farmers and agriculturists are innovating to grow some high-value crops under protected environments using greenhouses.

Growing plants under natural environmental conditions is a natural and easiest path to follow, but if one wants to grow plants in a foreign environment or extreme climatic conditions, Greenhouses and technologies are used to maintain crop production and management by continuously monitoring and providing protection from excessive harsh conditions.

Therefore, greenhouse farming can be defined as a technology providing an ideal microclimate favorable to the production of plants. And It is used to protect the plants from many unfavorable climatic conditions such as wind, cold, precipitation, excessive radiation, extreme temperature, insects, and diseases. Greenhouses are covered with transparent or translucent framed or inflated structures to get optimum growth and productivity of crops under various environmental conditions that can be partially or fully controlled.
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