Health and Safety Incident Management Software Solution for enterprises

Centralize all your incident data, near misses, safety observations, investigations for implementing agile corrective actions with ComplianceQuest’s Health and Safety Incident Management Solution.

Furthermore, mitigate risks and prevent accidents by detecting a hazardous trend ahead of time using built-in analytics, predictive intelligence, dashboards, and mobile capabilities. By instilling an enterprise-wide safety culture you can reduce the cost of compensation, improve employee productivity and morale, enhance brand reputation and increase regulatory compliance with ComplianceQuest Health and Safety Incident Management solution.

Being built on, our solution is flexible, scalable, and customizable to suit your organization’s needs. Our search feature is “global by design,” making it easy for health and safety leaders to find anything related to specific injuries, incidents, or illnesses from the past and using this to plan safety management and risk mitigation strategies based on data.

Take advantage of having a rapid return on value and leverage our 100% successful implementations. Our team comes with deep subject matter expertise and industry experience in health and safety processes. At ComplianceQuest, we’ve worked with customers in 900+ locations worldwide, helping them automate quality and safety management workflows.