How you heat your home this winter can make you prone to health risks – Experts

Experts have warned that the way Brits heat their homes this winter could damage their health, especially for those with heart and lung conditions.
With the cost-of-living crisis continuing across the UK, many people are trying to reduce their gas and electricity bills by turning the heating off. However, this could cost people their health, The Sun reports.
A leading expert has warned there is a “massive conundrum” where people are trying to reduce costs, but at the same time reducing the ventilation in their homes, leading to problems.
Since many people are trying to keep warm as cheaply as possible, they are reportedly adding new pollutants to the air indoors by burning wood or keeping the windows closed while cooking.
Professor of environmental engineering for buildings at the University of Leeds, Cath Noakes explains that closing the windows, turning the heating off, and using log burners to stay warm could be dangerous.
She reportedly said this will make people more vulnerable to health risks and accelerate the spread of infection.