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ISO 14001 Use In Supply Chain

ISO 14001 Use In Supply Chain

Submitted by • March 13, 2020

There are many reasons that ISO 14001 should be potentially attractive to supply chain managers, including the use of the voluntary standard to guide the event of integrated systems, its requirement for supply chain members in industries like automotive and aerospace, the potential of pollution prevention leading to reduced costs of production and better profits, its alignment with the growing importance of corporate social responsibility, and thus , the likelihood that an ISO-registered system may provide firms with a singular environmental resource, capabilities, and benefits that cause a competitive advantage. Research on the supply chain impact of ISO 14001 registrations posited that potential positive impacts might include more proactive environmental management, higher levels of communication, higher levels of waste reduction, and price efficiency, better ROI, higher levels of customer relationship management, fewer issues with employee health, and a reduced number of safety

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