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Linking CBD, Cognitive Functioning and Sports

Linking CBD, Cognitive Functioning and Sports

Submitted by • November 23, 2020

The human body consists of various organs, each performing its own series of critical functions. Perhaps no organ is more important to an athlete than the brain. The brain serves many purposes including amongst other things how we control our emotions and motor skills, and how we process information and react to stimuli and unforeseen changes circumstances. The tie in to sports is clear. Elite athletes need to be able to make rapid fire decisions and process relevant information from live event situations that are constantly changing in order to maximize their performances. Some elite athletes have begun incorporating CBD into their daily routines to help boost performance and recovery. And while there are currently no direct links between CBD and improved athletic performance, there are indirect links worth considering and researching further. We have studies that show a direct link between CBD and improved cognitive functioning.

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