Matlex Rubber Supplier Philippines

From Molded Rubber to Construction:
Matlex Rubber Delivers Quality and Reliability with Every Product
Matlex Molded Rubber has been the leading provider of custom-made molded rubber products to our clients throughout the Philippines since 1989.

Matlex Rubber Manufacturer is one of the leading rubber suppliers in the Philippines that concentrates on providing premium rubber products at a reasonable cost. We were confident that we could offer the toughest and cleanest rubber products thanks to our technology and knowledgeable staff.

Our commitment to quality has helped us become the leading company in the industrial manufacturing of rubber products. We take pride in being one of the few full-service rubber manufacturers capable of assisting our customers with material selection, design, reverse engineering, prototyping, and mass manufacturing of rubber components such as extruded or molded rubber seals, gaskets, sleeves, cords, channels, tubing, hose, diaphragms, bellows, grommets, and so on.