Pahalgam: Gateway to Heaven – Experience Serenity Amidst Lush Meadows and Pristine Rivers

Tucked away in the verdant valleys of Kashmir, Pahalgam is a haven of tranquility where time seems to stand still. Meander along the banks of the Lidder River, where crystal-clear waters meander through lush meadows and dense pine forests. Trek to the enchanting Aru Valley, where snow-capped peaks and alpine meadows await intrepid adventurers. Explore the surreal landscapes of Betaab Valley, named after the iconic Bollywood film shot amidst its pristine beauty. Whether you're embarking on a scenic hike, angling for trout in the gurgling streams, or simply soaking in the serenity of nature, Pahalgam offers a blissful retreat amidst Kashmir's breathtaking scenery.