PDA expresses concerns as Boots decides to cut opening hours at some pharmacies

The Pharmacists’ Defence Association (PDA) has expressed concerns over Boots UK’s decision to reduce supplemental opening hours at some pharmacies.

The association stated: “Some pharmacists and other staff at Boots are being notified this week of changes to opening hours at their place of work, with local briefings taking place. The PDA are supporting their members to deal with any potential impact on their employment.”

It said that reducing pharmacy opening hours would affect patients’ access to a trusted healthcare professional, especially if it is being done by the largest community pharmacy multiple.

It even called upon the NHS to adequately fund community pharmacies to ensure they remain open when patients and local communities need their services.

Meanwhile, Boots management has informed PDA that most of its employees are not pharmacists, and “less pharmacists are expected to be directly impacted by these changes than other colleagues,” PDA said.

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