Proexcellency Provides SAP FICA Online Training

SAP FICA is a sub-ledger accounting system, interfaces with Financial Accounting to properly record
the transactions occurring at the customer level. SAP FICA Training is a cross application component, it’s
an industry specific sub ledger accounting system used in various industry specific solutions like ISU, Telecom,
Insurance. FICA supports the following financial processes for the utility. SAP FICA Corporate Training is
integrated with Billing and Invoicing module of ISU Security Deposit Management refers to the processes
involved with collecting and tracking security deposits required from contract partners who are a poor credit risk.
These processes allow the utility to collect security deposits from those customers who represent a risk to the
utility, and refund the deposit when it is determined that it is no longer required.

Advantages of FICA Online Training:
– High levels of automation that significantly reduce the effort required to complete routine tasks
– Reduction in the average value of accounts receivable as a result of increased efficiency in
receivables management
– Improved customer service due to transparency and simple tracking of activities
– High levels of customer satisfaction thanks to the option of responding to the individual customer
requirements and representing these in the system
– Reduced operating costs due to seamless integration with other my solutions
– Employees are who motivated by functions that are easy to use in a user-friendly system

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