Over time, more than 90 pharmaceutical companies and academic / research institutes have undertaken various initiatives to develop effective Treg cell therapies against multiple target indications. At present, the pipeline features close to 95 product candidates, and this number is anticipated to grow further in the foreseen future. Of the total candidates, more than 15 Treg therapies, including ALS001 (Coya Therapeutics), CLBS03 (Caladrius Biosciences), ILT-101 (ILTOO Pharma), NKTR-358 (Eli Lilly) and RGI-2001 (REGiMMUNE), are currently being evaluated in advanced stages of development. The growing interest of pharmaceutical stakeholders in this field is also reflected from the recent rise in clinical trials being registered for such candidates. Moreover, multiple collaborations have been inked between both industry and non-industry players in order to advance the development of various pipeline candidates, over the past decade. It is also worth highlighting that, in the last five years, capital investments worth around USD 3 billion have been made by strategic investors in this domain. We believe that this niche, but upcoming market, is poised to grow at a healthy pace over the next decade, with pioneers in the field likely to benefit from the first-to-market advantage.

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