TRAVELERS ACROSS THE world are increasingly opting for short-haul destinations and making last-minute bookings over planned trips, according to a report from OYO Rooms. With a steady rise in vaccination coverage, combined with the easing of restrictions across regions, travelers have embraced the spirit of travel wholeheartedly, especially during holidays and festive long weekends.

Oyo’s Mid Season Global Holiday Trends 2021 report said that Labor Day in U.S., Gandhi Jayanthi in India, Ascension Day in Europe and Summer Holidays in UK were the most popular holidays among travelers this year.

According to the report, Labor Day, New Year’s, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving are America’s most travelled holidays. Coastal hotspots such as Seattle and Miami have been wildly popular during public holidays, followed by California’s Nevada City, Houston and Dallas, the report added.

AAA Travel forecast that 53.4 million Americans would travel for Thanksgiving this year, and a survey from Motel 6 found that 82 percent of holiday travelers believe it is important to spend that time with loved ones. However, another survey from the American Hotel & Lodging Association found only 29 percent of Americans are likely to travel for Thanksgiving and 33 percent are likely to travel for Christmas.

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