Rendering 3D, a long-lasting process, requires very strong computing performance to be effective and save time, which costs a lot of investment. So how can we speed up the rendering process without spending a lot of money on expensive hardware?

1. Check running processes on the computer
Make sure no other programs are running in the background. The computer must not be loaded with anything except the rendering. Any other process delays rendering.

– Windows: Use the [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [Delete] key combination to bring up the Task Manager and go to the Processes tab and delete those you don’t need. Do the same for programs.

– Mac: To disable unwanted processes and applications, go to Activity Monitor. It's located in Applications in the Tools category. Once fire it up, you can easily remove any unnecessary processes that slow down your computer.

2. Be selective with your effects
Not everything is possible with the hardware we have, and everything is at the expense of rendering time. Therefore, choose your effects consciously and try to find the right balance between the rendering time and visual effects.

3. Better Software – Speed up the rendering process
Not all 3D software is equally effective. Perhaps the display efficiency problem lies in the program you are using. So let’s test different programs and see if rendering speed is the same. If so, the issue could be with your hardware.

3S Cloud Render Farm is a cloud rendering service supporting Blender, Houdini, Cinema 4D, Maya, 3ds Max. 3S pursues building an ecosystem of services with a view to eliminating dependence on physical machines so that 3D artists/studios have the opportunity to focus on creating artistic ideas. We offer an unlimited number of CPU/GPU servers with high configuration to speed up your rendering and to make sure you are never in queues. The Free Preview Render feature provides you accurate cost & time estimates and a preview image for free.

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