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Strategies for Successful Online Learning

Strategies for Successful Online Learning

Submitted by • July 30, 2020

eLearning facilitates teachers to be front runners while creating an environment where both teachers and students feel empowered, with successful learning experiences.

Education, going forward with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, will be a blended learning approach that will empower online teaching, the same principles which are applicable and have paved success in the traditional classroom environment. While the impact is more in the traditional classroom, with the direct interaction with students, in distance learning (online learning), learning is visually entailing, due to the ongoing technological advancements.

The following strategies on learning instructions and associated outcomes are relevant in being successful, whether the environment is traditional i.e in-person or distance learning (online/digital). Not all of the below mentioned strategies might be possible with every activity, assignment or assessment. However the more of these we put into practice, the greater the chan

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