Summer Camp 2022 | Best School For AI | School For AI

Make up for the learning loss occurred due to the COVID-19 by bringing children close to one of the most promising emerging technologies – Artificial Intelligence (AI). Students are encouraged to get acquainted with AI to find solutions for the social problems. Data Science and AI are evolving as essential skills for the students to be future-ready and relevant. Give a chance to your child to catch with these emerging technologies for better future.

AI Program focuses on teaching children the concepts of AI along with hands-on experience, using both Block and text coding. This unique combination helps students not only have fun but gain serious coding skills. Why to stop with Block coding when students could solve real-time social problems using AI solutions. Our Hybrid Learning approach offers best of the both worlds – Trainer-led Sessions & Self-Learning Video. Project based learning is the key to effectively transform the knowledge into skills. Through this program we intend to transform the students perception and approach towards Artificial Intelligence.