Sustainable infrastructure will ensure we grow responsibly

India is making a significant investment in infrastructure. Under the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP), the country has planned a $1.9 trillion investment in the economic and social infrastructure sectors that is expected to be completed by 2025, covering major sectors such as transport and logistics, housing, power, smart cities, etc.

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The significance of this massive investment in the infrastructure sector is not lost on anyone who understands the potential. India holds the kind of foundation that is needed to sustain its growth in the future. India is today already the fastest-growing large economy in the world, way ahead of other leading economies.

In the past, experts both in the economic and social spheres have regularly pointed out the lack of adequate investment in public infrastructure as a serious impediment to our growth and ability to seek major development targets. While the NIP will address these questions effectively, it is also important that this growth is powered sustainably. Traditional mindset tells us that investments for economic growth always come with hidden costs in terms of environmental impact – however these costs are no longer “hidden”, but staring us in the face. Carbon abatement in the infrastructure sector is difficult but needs to be planned as part of the transition. With strategic planning, tech integration, and innovation, the sector can be made more sustainable.