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Symptoms Of Meth Exposure And Clean Up Of Meth

Symptoms Of Meth Exposure And Clean Up Of Meth

Submitted by • April 24, 2018

Meth exposure may be caused by various forms of environmental contaminants. Even years after a building has been occupied by those producing or smoking meth, there are particles that remain if the duct work and building have not been properly cleaned. Your family can suffer from symptoms of meth exposure long before you even know that there were meth contaminants in the home. Meth symptoms are quite similar to those of other respiratory illnesses so it is important to test for meth exposure if you begin to notice respiratory discomfort when you move into a new home.
Thorough cleanup is the only way to get rid of the health hazards in any structure that has been contaminated by meth. The two choices are: decontamination or demolition. Demolition is the process of removing all contaminated materials form the property including walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets etc., and is a partial decontamination at best, and must be done the right way to be effective: it is also extremely expensive!

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