Top Notch Mens Purple Wool Overcoat With Single Breasted – VIRVITTORE

Top notch mens purple wool overcoat encapsulates the imagination of Blue Wine. Enclaving the power, inciting the spark of sweet & mellow style in snowy season.
VIRVITTORE is a tribute to INTUITION and creative impulse. It's about EVOKING confidence with SOPHISTICATED AND EFFORTLESS transformation. It's about MINIMALISM and distinctiveness with elements of timeless appeal. The story of began with the passion for a piece of luxury clothing that can ELEGANTLY transform and INSTANTLY elevate. A vision for the distinct piece of outerwear with a DELICATE BALANCE of elegance, luxury and artisanship suitable for any spontaneous event but can carry into special moments without compromising the unique personal style statement. A BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE infusing elegance in pursuit of impeccable experience. An EXQUISITELY crafted luxury collectables with LIMITED-EDITIONS production runs embracing the fashion legacy as we write the future.

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