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Used Carrier Assembly for sale
The Carrier Assembly is also known as the center differential in a rear wheel drive car. It’s the center chuck in the middle of the rear axle assembly that houses the ring and pinion gears. This carrier assembly has a drive shaft connected in the front middle and 2 axles attached to each side that power your wheels. The gears inside can be various different ratios depending on the model and engine size of your car. When something goes wrong in the rear end you’ll hear clicking or grinding sounds. Humming while driving can also be a problem inside of the Carrier Assembly.

Finding a good Used Carrier Assembly with the correct gear ratio can be tough sometimes. It’s important to make sure who ever your buying from has verified the gear ratio of the pinion gears. Replacing a complete assembly can save you a ton of time and money over rebuilding your old one. Most foreign rear wheel drive cars use independent suspension instead of a solid axle so removing just the center carrier can be pretty simple. Here at Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts, we stock a wide selection of Used Carrier Assemblies. Search our online store or give us a call for your Used Part needs!

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