Webb: To make most of ICB commissioning, pharmacy teams need to work differently

David Webb, the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England, acknowledged that the “pressure in the system is high”, but urged everyone to “keep our eye on the
design” of the NHS plan, adding that the “the objective is to bring the different parts of primary care together” in the patient interest.

Speaking during the opening keynote session at the the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) conference held on Thursday (13 October), he added that the NHS plan
intends to bring different parts of primary care together to help patients.

He said the new integrated care boards (ICBs) are a key strategic framework as they provide the “potential to form partnerships to deliver integrated services across
larger populations”.

“ICBs will want to work with Local Pharmaceutical Committees to plan for the local population and the new community pharmacy clinical leads in ICBs, who have been
funded by NHS England, are there to advise.”

He explained that once an ICB takes over the commissioning of pharmaceutical services (which they are all due to do by April 2023), it could use its funds to
commission a local enhanced service as an add on to an advanced service. For instance, a CVD risk assessment could be added to the blood pressure check service.