what is jpetto and which service provide . coming soon?

Features at launch will include:

* Create projects related to accounts/clients

* Create project teams with roles showing who is who and how to contact them

* Create sprints per project

* Create work items for projects (bugs, user stories, dev/admin tasks, etc., with progress tracking similar to tools like JIRA or Azure Devops)

* Generate timesheets automatically per user and pay period

* Log hours to work items per user

* Timesheet submission and approval processes

* Show project financial estimates based on project team hourly rates, estimated hours vs. budget, rate billed to the client, and billable vs. non-billable hours

* Custom-built messenger that links conversations to a single record, user, etc.

* Optional messenger integration with Slack so that each work item/client/etc. It can have its Slack channel, and communication can occur seamlessly between Salesforce and Slack at the record level

* Customer portal access (with salesforce digital experience licenses) to allow clients real-time access to project progress, work items, reports, dashboards, etc.