Yunteng 3388 tripod dslr camera mobile Professional tripod stand

Yunteng 3388 tripod dslr camera mobile Professional tripod stand.
✔ raditional aluminum alloy base uses an alloy frame that enhances vibration and weight reduction compared to aluminum alloys.
✔ new lever-type locking and styling features make it easy and quick to remove and fold the tripod. The Yuteng VCT 3388 is a versatile and versatile design for cameras, home camcorders or even compact, portable, easy-to-use smarphones.
✔ Level tester:This tripod equiped with level tester, which can detect and adjust the horizontal position of it. When the ground is not level, you can recognize it immediately and adjust the tripod leg to keep level.
✔ With a maximum height of 1250cm and a tripod, it’s easy to adjust the tripod’s height to take pictures in multiple modes such as macro, panorama or portrai
✔ Not only does it help to take pictures easily, reducing blurring caused by camera shake, the Yuteng 3388 camera foot also gives you flexibility to create beautifully framed images.Easy height adjustment

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