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Avdel (India) Pvt. Ltd was established in 1961 and is apart of a well established group of companies

Avdel (India) Pvt. Ltd was established in 1961 and is apart of a well established group of companies with interests in various business sectors including Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive and Rail... Read More

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The NGK 2477 spark plugs are constructed with an Iridium fine wire center electrode which is six times harder than platinum, ensuring durability and longevity. These plugs feature a... Read More

Best Consulting Civil Engineer in Ahmedabad

Mr. Ashok B. Patel has crossed many milestones in providing effective business consultations all over India as a Project Management , Chartered Engineer and Govt. Approved Valuer. He is... Read More

Front Center Filler is meticulously crafted with top-quality materials such as high-performance ABS Plastic to ensure that our Fillers/Extension can withstand any kind of wear and tear. Front Center Filler... Read More

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