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Drug discovery is challenging and involves several complexities. In order to continue to add new molecules their pipelines, drug developers are opting to outsource such operations to contract research organizations... Read More

Presently, around 80 types of prefilled syringes are available in the market, and several companies claim to be engaged in the manufacturing of both glass and plastic variants of such... Read More

Cosmoprof Worldwide 2022 in Bologna Italy

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is a highly recognised trade show representing beauty and cosmetic industry in Italy. This show is a highly projected platform attracting international visitors and business leads on... Read More

Urin-Screening : Ein Urin-Drogen-Screen oder Urin-Drogen-Test kann das Vorhandensein von Medikamenten im Körper einer Person feststellen. Körperausscheidungen-Screens sind die am weitesten verbreitete Technik der Drogentests. sie sind schmerzlos, einfach, schnell... Read More

Die TB.3 – Kleiderleiter Eiche, Nussbaum, Birke Multiplex ist ein Blickfang in jedem Raum. Er ist kräftig in der Statur, breiter als eine normale Leiter und minimalistisch im Design. Damit... Read More

Nachdem ich 4 Jahre lang Holzdiener und andere Artikel entworfen habe, ist es wirklich erfreulich, ein solches Stück auf den Markt zu bringen. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass dieser Artikel... Read More

ITB Berlin 2022 Trade Show Germany

ITB Berlin is an international platform where travel world experts enrich the knowledge of gathered visitors and exhibitors. In fact, ITB Berlin Germany is a remarkably auspicious trade show... Read More

Kizomba Dance is a style of dance which has become really prominent in Angolan culture. KIZOMBA Dance offline class in Madrid Choreography by Albir Rojas. Become a Kizomba Dance expert... Read More

Eminent representatives from different biopharmaceutical companies confirm the growing interest in stem cell therapy research, highlighting the prevalent and anticipated trends in ongoing R&D activities. More than 120 industry players... Read More

Many small / macro molecule-based STING pathway modulators are currently being evaluated as monotherapies as well as in combination with other drugs. The pipeline features candidates targeting different therapeutic areas... Read More