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Tear Strength Test and Factors Affecting It

The Elmendorf Tear Strength Tester is an instrument specially used to test the tear strength (strength) of fabrics. It uses the impact pendulum method to measure tear strength, also known... Read More

Different Types of Extensometer

An extensometer is an instrument that measures line deformation between two points on components and other objects. The main equipment used in tensile testing includes testing machines and extensometers. The... Read More

Snagging Test Method and Snagging Tester

Snagging occurs in the fabric, which not only seriously deteriorates the appearance, but also affects the durability of the fabric. The problem of textile snagging is one of the key... Read More

Fabric Abrasion Resistance and Tester

Fabric abrasion resistance refers to the fabric’s resistance to wear and tear. Abrasion refers to the phenomenon that fabrics are gradually damaged due to repeated friction from other objects during... Read More